Alfi Eternal Icon, A Jewel-like Carafe

Established since 1914, Alfi’s excellent reputation is largely down to one product: the Juwel. Perfect symbiosis of functional and aesthetic objectives – the Juwel not only meets the practical requirements of a excellent quality vacuum carafe but also is everything you would expect from a piece of refined tableware.

Juwel has continued to exemplify the greatest standards of the rich tradition start from 1918, which it has carried on with such extraordinary distinction throughout the world during more than one hundred years of international appearance. Thus far, Alfi stands for a combination of top quality design and perfect functionality – a symbiosis which has made the Juwel name the standard for quality vacuum containers.

The shiny metal exterior of Juwel is available in almost every conceivable design. Whether it is chrome-plated brass, silver-plated, gold-plated, painted or even aluminium, it is not only decorative for an elegant table, it also protects the inside of the jug against bangs and bumps. The hardened-glass insert is now made out of two parts, the inner flask and the outer flask. The two are joined together in the neck area in order to create a vacuum to prevent heat transfer. The inside of the flask which forms the vacuum is mirrored in silver.

For decades, Juwel not only serves politicians in the German chancellor’s office, but also find company with presidents, film stars and millionaires worldwide. Today with aesthetic design in mind, Juwel still shines on as an iconic stylish symbol of Alfi.


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