“Brand of the Century”

By publishing house “Deutsche (German) standards”
in December 2015.

Values, power and myth: Every three years, the publishing house Deutsch Standards celebrates the premium class of German brands. The exclusively designed book, the spectacular event and the digital campaign provide a stage for the Who’s Who of the German economy as a huge extravaganza, moving big names and exciting corporate stories to the forefront.

All Brands of the Century were nominated in a comprehensive selection process by an advisory board made up of competent professionals. Publisher and editor Dr. Florian Langenscheidt also honoured alfi as the “brand that has made it into the league of champions – promising a degree of quality that the company has been perfecting for decades”.
German Standards “Stars 2016”
alfi CEO Bernhard Mittelman (left) accepts the
award from publisher Dr. Florian Langenscheidt
during the huge brand gala held in Berlin.