Aroma Safe





Safe Health

  • Guaranteed toxin free for healthy indulgence
  • Protects the cooling chain
  • Easy care and cleaning





Safe Decision

  • Sophisticated design with high degree of functionality
  • The insulating specialist with more than 100 years of experience





Safe Environment

  • Reusable instead of disposable
  • Insulate instead of using energy
  • Quality is the best way to protect resources





Safe Pleasure

  • Aroma Safe for perfect taste
  • Protects food from all external influences
  • Always ensures the best flavor temperature






Safe Brand

  • alfi represents insulating competency beyond compare
  • Prefect insulating properties as a result of the best materials and many years of processing experience






Safe Invest

  • High quality that will delight for years to come
  • Best insulating properties for less food waste
  • alfi to go: Savings by eating home-made food

AromaSafe for the perfect taste

All products by alfi uphold the most important aspect of all: delightful taste all around. Whether taste, insulating properties, health, design or environmental sustainability - as the leading insulating specialist, we apply the Aroma Safe principle to ensure that good things stay good longer.
With its over 100 years of processing experience - with the use of highest quality materials, the best design and highest quality standards - alfi has developed a perfect guarantee for perfect taste: Aroma Safe.
Aroma Safe is a product principle and customer promise at the same time. It always preserves the full aroma, protects foods from exterior influences and ensures the best flavor temperature at all times.
The principle is good for healthy eating, guarantees toxin-free and best hygienic properties. Aroma Safe represents not only perfect insulation, but also protects the environment and resources, as well as the ability to lower costs longterm.
alfi guarantees all of these properties and has been following one goal from the start: best quality that sets standards and creates trust.
AlfiDur Vacuum

Durable and reliable function

Robust longlife quality

The alfiDur vacuum glass insert

This double-walled Glass insert is the heart of every alfi carafe. A silver layer on each glass and the pumped vacuum will keep the temperature on the inside and will prevent cooling down or heating up. Moreover, the alfiDur vacuum glass insert is extremely stable and extremely easy-to-care.

Layer 1: High quality glass

Layer 2: Silvering

Layer 3: Vacuum

Layer 4: Silvering

Layer 5: High quality glass

5 layers for perfect insulation

Alfi 5 layer insulation technology that has silvering on both sides of its space between the glasses and is equipped with a lasting vacuum. Therefore any temperature balance is stopped efficiently.

Double-walled Stainless Steel

Impact and Shock-proof

Vacuum carafe with alfi TopTherm insert

The alfi TopTherm insert made of double-walled stainless steel is the heart of the vacuum carafe: It has a permanent vacuum to prevent the drinks from cooling down or heating up. The alfi TopTherm insert is made for the hardest terms of conditions - impact and shock-proof!