All is revealed through design. The stylistic elements mark the difference. Our passion is making products full of fascination and imagination. For mornings. For the future. For classic objects.

Like the spherical jug by Ole Palsby, a classic, best-selling design for more than 20 years. Once again, design distinguished by many awards.

The best designers from all over the world devise their creations for alfi.


Carl Zitzmann, with his wife Sophie and 10 employees, founds the Aluminiumwarenfabrik Fischbach” and starts manufacturing insulated containers in 1914.

A Success Story

Founded over 100 years ago, alfi has a vast amount of history and market experience to fall back on. We have undergone continuous growth. Every product we produce must measure up to the name we have made for ourselves, our quality demands and those of our target group. Today, we offer entire generations of products to our customers. The quality and variety of our range of products are worthy of a market leader. Because variety is the spice of life: With it comes freedom of choice, individuality – and market potential! This allows you as a retailer to be able to meet the demand with precisely targeted choices.

No matter whether timeless and elegant, bright and colourful or simple and practical: alfi always offers any customer exactly the right product for any occasion and for any location. Our wide variety of choices always makes life fresher, warmer, or simply makes things easier for the day-to-day.

We have thought up something nice for you as well. The new products illustrated on the following pages are presented in an entirely new way. Pricing and bar-codes placed right next to each product make the ordering process much easier for you. Do you have any ideas or suggestions about our products, feedback on our promotions or sales materials? We look forward to discussing them with you.

Because our interaction with you is what has allowed us to be the market leader we have been for more than 100 years.