Alfi Glass & Stainless Steel Carafe

  • Ensure that the product is at room temperature before pouring hot water or cold water in the glass liner carafe
  • Pre-fill before use with warm water for hot drinks and cold water for chilled drinks.
  • Rinse with warm water to remove any residual odors.
  • Ensure that stopper are always tightly closed.
  • Keep your product away from direct heat to protect any plastic materials from damage.
  • Keep out of the reach of children.
  • Vacuum carafes with glass are recommended for use where they can be set on a table.
  • Do not look directly into flask when filling, keep at arm length.
  • Do not use microwave or conventional ovens to pre-heat the product.
  • Do not add the beverage more than maximum label, leave space ½ inch from the stopper. Remember to leave sufficient space in the neck to fit the stopper.
  • Do not stir the contents or insert any solid or frozen objects into your product.
  • Do not store dry ice or any carbonated drinks as they may cause the stopper to eject forcefully, or cause breakage to the glass inner.
  • Do not keep milk products or baby food cool or warm to avoid bacterial growth.
  • Do not use abrasives, solvents and bleach products.
  • Do not drink directly to prevent scalding, always pour contents into a cup.
  • Do not use to transport or store ice cubes, because the glass may be damaged.
  • If product is dropped, the glass inner may break. Under no circumstances should contents be consumed as they may contain glass fragments.

Cleaning and Maintenance

  • For excessive staining, use of household stain or scale remover is recommended.
  • Remove difficult stains, fill your product with hot water, add on teaspoonful of bicarbonate soda and secure cap. Soaking overnight procedures excellent results. Always rinse before use.
  • After cleaning the container, rinse carefully and allow to dry thoroughly.
  • Use soft, damp cloth to clean the outside of the vacuum flask, then dry it with another cloth.
  • Do not place your Alfi vacuum flask in the dishwasher or immerse it in water if it is not expressly described as dishwasher safe.