Best Innovation of All Time

Achat with its satin silver design in durable aluminum and specially developed hinged lid is designed aesthetically and functionally to satisfy the requirements for both your home and office, and even outdoor.

Perfect illustration of Alfi’s innovative and pioneering spirit that is still intact after 100 years of accumulated savoir-faire. Designed by world-renowned designer Tassilo von Grolman, Achat received many different design awards, The red DOTDesign award and the Busse Longlife Design award are amongst them.

An eye-catching design in tapered shape with spiral body line, Achat is a perfect blend of the beauty of simplicity and unconventional layout, seamlessly integrates with rough and smooth textures; modern and retro design; plain and colorful finish. The multi-layer burning lacquer finish of the brushed aluminum and the uncannily precise joints speak volumes about a lasting quality product.

Exuding class and quality, the sophisticated Achat is a beautiful and functional tableware which matches your home perfectly.  You can always offer fantastic dining experiences to your prestigious guests with their favorite drinks that are served in this multi-award-winning, six-star-hotel-quality masterpiece.

Today, Alfi’s Achat exemplify the best that art and technology can achieve.

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