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Kugel Stainless Steel

Vacuum Carafes
Design: Ole Palsby

Practical screw stopper made of high quality stainless steel

alfiDur vacuum hard glass liner

Unparalleled Success Artistically and Commercially

Designed by renowned Danish designer Ole Palsy, a state of art design that won several prestigious design awards, and held in the collections of Museum of Modern Art in New York.

12 hours hot or 24 hours cold
10 years warranty to delight for years to come
10 years spare parts availability warranty
Tightly closing screw top
Made in Germany
Free of toxins for the healthy storage of foodstuffs

The alfiDur vacuum glass insert

This double-walled Glass insert is the heart of every alfi carafe. A silver layer on each glass and the pumped vacuum will keep the temperature on the inside and will prevent cooling down or heating up. Moreover, the alfiDur vacuum glass insert is extremely stable and extremely easy-to-care.

Durable and reliable function

Robust longlife quality

5 layers for perfect insulation

Alfi 5 layer insulation technology that has silvering on both sides of its space between the glasses and is equipped with a lasting vacuum. Therefore any temperature balance is stopped efficiently.

Layer 1: High quality glass

Layer 2: Silvering

Layer 3: Vacuum

Layer 4: Silvering

Layer 5: High quality glass


SBK (Matt)
SBK (High Polished)